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Each artist chosen through our application process will be supplied with 3 float sessions to stimulate creativity toward a “float inspired art piece”. Once completed the artist will be provided a month long art exhibit to display their new and original float inspired piece. Artists are also encouraged to bring in original artwork to sell that can be hung on our wire/hook system for the month, however, the “float inspired art piece” will remain at Lost in Float to be enjoyed by floaters for years to come.

Basically, we give each artist 3 floats in exchange for a float inspired art piece to hang in our permanent collection.  In addition to your floats, you will get the proverbial “keys to the Castle” meaning you get to hang your art on our walls for a month.  Consider it your own “Popup Gallery”. Hang it how you want it displayed and tell all your friends and fans to come see it.

View a complete breakdown of the program here.

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About Our Gallery

Although we’re about promoting “Nothing”, if our walls had nothing on them, Lost in Float just wouldn’t be the same. 
Inspired from our original art program, we’re currently displaying a new gallery every month from our local Lincoln artists and one piece is inspired by floating. 

Where: Lost in Float’s art gallery is located in our shop

When: Open 9am-9pm Tuesday – Sunday


Application for Lost in Float’s Art Gallery


FAQ’s for Artists 

How many pieces does the gallery hold?

11-13 larger pieces, 13-15 medium pieces, or 15-17 smaller pieces

What mediums do you accept in the gallery?

Anything that can be hung vertically by our wire/hook track system. Please do not include any fresh/wet oil pieces.

What is your commission rate?

All artist will be responsible for any sales associated with there work. Lost in Float will not directly sale any of the artwork for the artist. Artist will want to make sure they have a good point of contact for potential buyers so they may handle any and all transactions. 

What about the original piece?

Along with the process of being a gallery exhibitor, you will be given 3 float sessions in exchange for one original float inspired piece after completing your float sessions.  It will also be hung in the gallery for the duration of the month. After your month is over the original, float inspired piece will belong to Lost in Float to be appreciated for ages to come.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, there is a basic contract involved, but it is painless.

What is your transport policy?

The gallery artist is completely responsible for all transport of gallery pieces.

FAQ’s for Visitors 

How often does the art rotate?

Once per month.

When is the gallery open for viewing?

Tuesday- Sunday: 9am – 9pm (Closed Mondays)

What is your gallery traffic like?

Being as the gallery is located in our float/cryo/yoga/sauna center, we get a lot of crossover foot traffic.