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“When nothing else worked for my chronic pain, Cryotherapy changed my life! After just five consecutive sessions I had relief from bulging discs and reduced inflammation. The hundreds of calories you burn in a 3-minute session was a major bonus. As a busy mom and businesswoman cryo provided the relief I needed to function in my daily life. No therapy can do what cryo does for you. Lost in Float is the best!


“At 51 years old, everything doesn’t heal as quick as it used to and I have constant aches and pains to deal with. The treatments I get at Lost in Float have been instrumental in allowing me to give it my all in the gym. The Cryotherapy keeps my inflammation at bay, and the Float therapy helps with my circulation to ensure I’m healing where I should be. I’m slowly making it back to how I lifted when I was in my 30’s. It’s a great feeling. Thanks, LIF!”


“I have rheumatoid arthritis and battle inflammation all the time. I’ve been to the Lost in Float twice and love how I feel when I leave. Their pricing is incredibly affordable in comparison to any other cryotherapy centers I’ve been to. Even better is the amazing staff.  I’m so happy it finally made its way to Lincoln.”


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