Whole Body Cryotherapy

is a non-invasive 3-minute cold treatment used to rapidly cool the skin’s surface over the whole body with the intent of tricking the brain into cold-shock. The result is a system-wide response where the body’s natural cold defenses are activated. The systemic reactions that take place when the body engages its “survival mode”, are how each benefit is achieved.

The process involves standing inside our Cryotherapy chamber wearing your undergarments as well as provided gloves, socks, and slippers. Safe, non-toxic, nitrogen vapor flows into the chamber reducing the temperature below -200 degrees Fahrenheit. The dry nature of the vapor and the absence of moisture and wind result in a cold, but tolerable treatment. Each session is monitored in full by a technician trained to uphold our stringent safety procedures.


Inflammation has been proven to not only be a key cause for the aging process, but to also be behind at least 80% of all disease. WBC does this by increasing Norepinephrine which inhibits the inflammatory pathway by decreasing TNF-alpha, a molecule that increases inflammation.

Depression & Mood

Cold exposure has been proven in several anecdotal studies to improve mood and even be a viable option for the treatment of depression and other mood disorders.

Improves Immune Function

Regular cold exposure has been shown to increase white blood cell count, increase cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (active in killing cancer cells) and increase other beneficial immune cells as well.

Stress Reduction

A release of endorphins and the associated stress reduction

Increase Brain Repairment

Cryotherapy switches on the activity of cold shock proteins, especially RNA binding motif 3, or RBM3, which is found in many of the body’s tissues, including the brain. RBM3 increases protein synthesis at the ends of dendrites – where synapses form – and protects the brain from cognitive and behavioral deficits associated with some neurodegenerative diseases.

Burn Fat

When the body is exposed to cold, its response is to produce heat. It does this by increasing it’s metabolism, not to produce ATP (your body’s fuel for energy), but to produce heat to warm the body back up. This process is called thermogenesis.


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Cryotherapy is available every day that we are open, to make it easy for you to fit into your busy schedule. We welcome walk in sessions, however clients with appointments receive first priority. Cryo treatment sessions are 3-minutes; however, allow for a 15-minute time frame to change and prepare.


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