Generally, when people think about cryotherapy, the first things that come to mind are enhancing recovery after an athletic performance or decreasing pain and swelling.

Now that winter is in full swing, and you are inundated with the freezing weather conditions, it’s hard to get past the fact that it is just plain cold; however, next time you are out and about, take note of those chilly conditions on your skin and body. What do you notice? Most likely, you can recall the familiar feeling of revival and firming, and in a few cases, the extremely vigorous looking shine of rose-pink cheeks, a consequence of your blood vessels meeting the cold.

Studies confirm that exposing the human body to cold has scores of health benefits, and experts agree that cold therapy encompasses a far wider range of benefits:


Perhaps the most intriguing proposed benefit of cryotherapy is on the brain (affecting mood or preventing and treating depression).

According the Dr. Rhonda Patrick, “One of the most consistent and profound physiological responses to cold exposure is a robust release of norepinephrine into the bloodstream and brain.”

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This mechanism is significant because norepinephrine is not only as a hormone but also a neurotransmitter that is involved in vigilance, focus, attention, and mood.


Your body effectively rushes blood to your core/organs when subjected to freezing cold temperatures (as low as -240F) in order to protect them. In the process, your blood becomes enriched with oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients. And healthy, well-oxygenated blood improves your overall health.


When it comes to Cryotherapy, Hollywood leaders use this tool as a secret weapon for its refreshing, anti-aging, and weight loss advantages.

This non-invasive option increases oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow around the body as well as increases collagen production to improved skin, hair, and nail health.

Your body’s response to the cold temperature is an accelerated metabolism to keep you warm. This boost in metabolism lasts for approximately 5-8 hours and can burn an additional 500-800 calories during that time.


Elite runners that engaged in whole body cryotherapy 1 to 48 hours after hill sprint running had a 20% increase in speed and power for up to two days later. This 20% performance enhancement post-­cryotherapy is most likely due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

As a former marathon and long distance runner, ice baths were crucial for back-to-back training days after long runs, but the days of loading up my bath tub with bags of ice while wearing a sweater and drinking coffee in order to mentally muster up enough will power to say in the tub for 6-8 minutes is over. What a relief to find the same benefits (reducing recovery time and boosting athletic performance) while reducing time and risk of frostbite.

In the present day and age, with the rising fame of Cryotherapy in the area of medicine and sports, professionals and celebs have been making use of WBC as a quick and useful approach of treatment.

How can Cryotherapy help guide you on your path to healing and wellness?

♣  Reduce depression, stress & anxiety

♣  Accelerated weight loss (burn 500-800 calories per treatment)

♣  Pain relief from chronic medical conditions

♣  Promotes the normalization of hormonal balance

♣  Pain relief from inflammation and faster recovery time

♣  Decrease of irritation and swelling

♣  Decrease in muscle ache and improved strength

♣  Ease tendonitis and shin splints

♣  Better joint utility and tissue revamp

♣  Improve energy

♣  Better immune function together with stress levels

♣  Enhanced sleep patterns and combats insomnia

♣  Enhance overall well-being

Enjoy the health, beauty, and recovery benefits of Cryotherapy in Lincoln, Nebraska – coming soon!