Come see what we’re all about! Do you know anyone that might like to try us out?  We have 4 tanks and if you bring us 3 clients, you’ll get a free float or cryo*!
Oh, and Lance, NO DIVING

EXTENDED FLOATS AT NO EXTRA COST! That’s right! If you want to float longer, simply ask 🙂 We will gladly accommodate, as long as no one is booked after you. Our in house record is 6hrs! Think you can beat it? Give us a call! (531)-289-7739



Here’s their brief:

You’ve no doubt heard of physical therapy and massage therapy. Well, now it’s time for you to dive into float therapy.

There’s a new business in northeast Lincoln that is in the business of teaching their clients the art of nothing.

Back in 2010, Levi Wertz heard a podcast where comedian Joe Rogan was touting the thought-clearing virtues of floating in a sensory deprivation tank.

A few years later, this 1999 graduate of Grand Island Senior High School got the chance to check it out for himself and he fell in love with the concept.

Today, Levi owns the only flotation therapy center in Lincoln and over the past year, he’s served more than 2,000 floaters.

Levi explains what float therapy is all about, “Floating is an environment. It’s an environment where we take sensory input and we reduce it. We reduce this by laying in a pool of water that’s saturated with Epsom salts.”

In short, Levi invites his floaters to turn on, tune in and drop out, “When that happens, you’re no long reacting to stimuli from the external world and you’re no longer questioning how you’re going to be judged through that stimuli, whether somebody’s going to enjoy it disagree with it. It’s the one place you can check in with yourself, unadulterated, uninhibited, unrestricted.”