Weekly Wellness Practice


(Includes 1 Float Session + 1 Yoga Session + FREE Sauna + $25 Cryo Sessions + 50% off additional services and more every week)



One 60-Minute Float for only $49. Available to new floaters only.


Two Sauna Sessions per day*

One FREE Guest**
Pass Per Month

Special Member Days


30%-50% off
All Services

10-20% off
Packages &
Most Retail

**Free monthly guest (must be first time clinet) after you have enjoyed your first 3 floats.

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One of the best float centers I’ve been too. In the tank it doesn’t get humid which was awesome. After the float probably the best after float rooms. They have an area where you can listen to records, read, put on some light therapy glasses, chill, and drink tea. The owners our lovers of floating and you can tell. I’ll be letting everyone know about Lost in Float.”


Exceptional staff, environment, and facility. I had my first float experience last week and was blown away. Jesse was amazing with the orientation, advice, and advocating for the benefits of floating. Once I was finished I met Levi, who asked me about my float, and got to chat about the blissful hour of doing nothing. I will tell everyone I come across to go check this place out. I can’t wait to come back again…and again. I added the cryotherapy to my bucket list of therapies to do at Lost in Float. Thank you for bringing this amazing space to Lincoln .


It exceeded my expectations. Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff! There was quite a bit of original artwork on display that I particularly enjoyed. The floating experience Is something that has to be experienced for yourself. For me it was tremendously relaxing and still feel a deep sense of calm a day later. Cant wait to go back soon.


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– Enjoy Free Sauna and Special Member/Guest Days
– We Encourage You To Use The Mobility Room When Classes Are
Not in Session To Further Enhance Your Practice.
– All Service Credits are Sharable.
– Unused Membership Credits roll over for 60 days,
– Discounted Additional Service Credits (don’t expire for 1 year).
– Monthly Membership Requires a 3 Month Minimum Commitment
– Weekly Wellness Practice Membership Requires a 6-week Commitment