FREE On Demand Yoga Classes

At On Demand “IN” Studio from Lost in Float you’ll find warm, cozy and custom settings curated by each our teachers you already know and love. Our amazing teachers are given the freedom to express their unique interpretation of the practice, offering students the opportunity to authentically connect with each teacher’s individual journey. Through this mission, we’ve gathered a community of yogis that is accepting and loving of all. 

Together, we are strong. Namaste!

Our Classes


Quarantine Flow

Luke Day with an EPA approved, disinfected “quarantine flow” to continue your practice! Also, check out his Instagram @sweatysamurai. Luke demanded 6 rolls of toilet paper for his services- it was a steep price but we think it was well worth it. Let us know if you feel the same! If this flow moves you and you feel inclined, send Love Vouchers to Venmo @LukeDDay 😉

With Luke Day

Re-Engergize & Stretch

A new yoga class by Abby Sue Holm has been uploaded to YouTube! We heard you are missing Abby’s “IN” Fitness Flow’s at 5:15am Monday & Friday mornings- until we can bring this back to the studio – we hope you enjoy! 🙌

With Abby Holm

Beginner Friendly FlOW

Here is a flowy yoga class to keep you limber, and a message from our lovely instructor, Britty: “Hey, Everybody! I hope you are doing well. This is a relatively beginner-friendly class designed to get your blood flowing, loosen up the back body, and relieve tight hips. I love you all and I can’t wait until we can be together in the same studio again. Until then, try to stay positive and radiate loving energy into the world around you.”

With Britty Baker


This is a 40-minute slow yoga flow to start your day with grace and ease. We will start off doing some breath work, a grounding warm-up, standing sequences, and a cool down with Shavasana. Feel free to add any props that you need. If this flow moves you and you feel inclined, send Love Vouchers to Venmo @Maddie-Rose-10

With Maddie

Stress Reliever

Abby is back with a Quarantine Flow to keep you structurally and mentally sound in the comfort of your own home 🙂 Stay safe, and we hope to see you soon!

With Abby