Let’s start with a quick overview from the top. There are two main types of cold therapy modalities:

1.) Cold water treatment and

2.) Cold air treatment.

Loosely speaking, cold water treatments come a variety of applications such as ice bath immersion, a cold shower or an ice pack. Cold air treatments—also known as cryotherapy—basically come in three forms as well via liquid nitrogen gas, which include complete body immersion, neck-down immersion (like we have here) and targeted treatments such as facials.

Photo by Lost in Float

Cold therapy offers several instant and cumulative benefits, and the cool thing about our cryotherapy is that it’s fast, easy and safely covers you from neck to toe. In just 2–3 minutes, you can begin to reap a plethora of awesome benefits just standing there that can:

  1. Help manage and reduce arthritis pain (one reason for this is the accelerated production of enzymes that inhibit the breakdown of collagen, also great for point five).
  2. Increase mobility.
  3. Promote muscle healing and recovery.
  4. Support your athletic workouts and goals.
  5. Stimulate weight loss (burning calories and helping produce brown fat).
  6. Improve the look and feel of your skin.
  7. Boost mood and memory capabilities.
  8. Go beyond the above list via the overused yet applicable conclusion, “and so much more.”


Cryo Pre-Game

When you arrive at Lost in Float for your cryotherapy session, you can expect to:

  • Receive a quick blood pressure check.
  • Meet the machine (aka, get a tour of the cryotherapy chamber).
  • Ask questions about the process and receive thoughtful answers.
  • Be escorted to your private changing room.
  • (Likely) feel a mixture of emotions—eager, nervous, shy, happy, etc.—basically, you’ll feel what comes naturally to you before taking part in a new, safe and exciting activity.

And don’t worry about lugging in your winter-ware or any change of clothing—we’ll provide you with everything you need to properly expose and protect your precious flesh cocoon and all the goodies that lie beyond its surface. Your temporary cryo costume will consist of:

  • Your own undergarments (save the birthday suit for floating).
  • Tube socks (they’re not just for dad’s and hipsters anymore).
  • Thermal slippers.
  • A super soft robe.
  • Heavy mittens.

Exposed tattoos are safe in the chamber, but any piercings below the neck need to be removed or completely covered. In addition, any below-the-neck jewelry should be taken off and you will need to be completely dry.

It’s Go Time

Once you get into the cryo chamber, you’ll hand your robe to us as we raise the platform up to ensure your head is above the cold air nitrogen gas. We’re in the room with you the whole time to monitor the machine and be a support system for you. Feel free to make jokes, talk about how you feel in the tube or just make funny noises—we won’t judge, it’s all about passing the chilly time.

Nobody’s cried Uncle before their session has ended with us yet, but you’re free to do that as well. Again, no judgement. You can always try again another day using an adjusted temperature and/or length of time. The goal is to step out feeling goooood. Like you just had an expresso paired with a chemical-free muscle and mind release that leaves you feeling alert yet relaxed, sharp and mentally and physically agile.  

Brrr!, but not BRRRRRRRR!

Most are surprised at how cold (-200°F to -250°F), but how not cold (feeling) their cryo session was. That sounds kind of weird, but this is why—cold water feels WAY colder than cold air because in each scenario you’re feeling the temperature of your skin rather than the temperature of what’s surrounding it. We joke that, when it comes to cold, water would crush air if they were contenders in game of rock, paper, scissors.

And there you have it, folks, the lowdown on what we hope is your next cool down.

Remember, our 2017 Grand Opening membership special includes one free cryotherapy session a month in addition to the free float and discounted everything. There’s only about ten of these special, one-time-only memberships left, so nab yours ASAP.

Please note: We are educated mind/body spa owners, not researchers or scientists. There is a ton of research out there and new discoveries happening all the time revolving around the benefits of cryotherapy—especially with regular sessions. For more on the benefits of cold therapies, listen to Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s detailed podcast and check her out on this Joe Rogan podcast.