They said we were crazy. They said it shouldn’t be done. But we’ve had 40 takers and zero regrets. Do you want a free monthly cryotherapy session included with your regular float membership? Then act fast—there’s only ten of these 2017 Grand Opening memberships left.

This special $55 monthly membership includes one free cryotherapy session ($50 value), plus:

  • One 60-minute float session ($65 value).
  • Unlimited discounted floats at $49 per session.
  • Unlimited discounted cryotherapy at $39 per session.
  • 10-percent off all retail (including our sweet shirts and color therapy glasses).

In addition, your monthly membership allows you to:

  • Share the above perks with a friend or family member.
  • Get an additional free float on your birthday.
  • Roll over unused “free” floats or cryo sessions for up to one year.

Be sure to select the Grand Opening membership when purchasing this once-in-a-lifetime deal <HERE>.