Hello to all of our floaty friends and welcome to all you newcomers to Lost in Float! Lost in Float 2.0 that is!

We have been diligently taking our 3 years of experience to restructure Lost in Float. We wanted to maximize our value to the community and to be the best float center we can be!

That being said we have a few announcements to make:

First off, we will be re-opening on Thursday, May 28th at 9am. Online booking is NOW AVAILABLE! Yay!!

Due to the covid pandemic we are also limiting our operation hours. Our new store hours will be Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-2pm / 5:45pm-9pm. 

You will need to book in advance as we have limited our available float times to ensure our new safety precautions and procedures will be followed to keep everyone safe. 

Here are our new guidelines pertaining to the new COVID- 19 environment we all find ourselves submersed in:

One floater at a time.
We must ensure the safety of our at-risk clients and the best way to do that is to stagger our availability, limiting only one float slot at a time. Please come alone or only bring someone with you that is necessary for your appointment. We will be physically getting inside of the tank to sanitize every surface with a CDC recommended disinfectant to make certain that every float is safe. As you probably already know, the salt solution doesn’t transmit viruses. They call the Dead Sea, “THE DEAD SEA” for a reason 🙂 But every inch of surface area above the waterline will be sanitized between each and every float.

Two sauna clients per session.
We are limiting our sauna to two people at a time for half-hour blocks. You will need to schedule your session either online or over the phone to secure your space. As always, the sauna is FREE for all members.

Online Yoga coming soon.
With this new climate we are preparing for folks that aren’t ready to come in the studio to do yoga, but still need that limber lesson on the reg. We got you fam. We will be holding online sessions via Zoom for all you cool cats and kittens.  You’ll need to book your class in advance and we’ll have more information on how to do that very soon.

Yoga classes are now in the Helm!
We have integrated our scheduling software, so now The Helm is your one-stop-shop for all your booking and buying needs! Want to book a yoga class? You can now do so in The Helm. Again, we will have more information and a tutorial on how to do this very soon. Stay tuned!


Now that we have all of our new policies and procedures laid out, we have one final announcement to make.

We have completely rebuilt our memberships to showcase the immediate value of taking care of yourself and ‘doing less better’. You can get up to 50% off all services!!

We’ll start with the BEST bang for your buck for those of you actually looking to change your life.

Behold the Weekly Wellness Practice!
Our Weekly Wellness Practice/Membership is the impetus of our “Do Something” principle here at Lost in Float. Each week you are provided with the necessary tools to… Do the Work! Every week, for six weeks, you’ll get one 60 minute float session, one yoga session, unlimited sauna, $25 cryotherapy sessions, 50% off ALL services, 20% off all packages  and  in-store retail, as well as a check-in from us personally, each week, to see how things are going.

Journals will be provided at the beginning of your journey to log your progress, and if you need help, we’re here.  Should you request your butt needs to be kicked, we’ll kick it (figuratively speaking of course) ;). If kinder, gentler methods are requested, we’ll hold your hand. This is your journey. We merely aspire to provide the best environment and encouragement for you to get the work done.

Suspend All Self-Judgment 
Unless you’re building a solar sail, you have a free pass to screw up as much as you like. We all have that inner critic. Pretend it has COVID as it’s not permitted in the building. Set forth without fear and without self-censorship. When you hear that voice in your head, blow it off. These six weeks are not being graded. There is no pop quiz. Only one thing matters in this period: get SOMETHING done, however flawed or imperfect. We’re striving for progression, not perfection.

You’ll hit every predictable Resistance Point along the way. Fear, self-sabotage, procrastination, self-doubt, and all the demons we’re familiar with can be counted upon to strike. Don’t just expect them, use them. When you feel that Resistance, that inner critic telling you to quit, to give up; use that as your compass for True North. That Resistance is telling you the direction you need to be going. Follow that path. It will lead you to your goals.

The “Do-Something” Principle
Most of us seek inspiration to become motivated to perform an action, under the assumption that inspiration is a prerequisite. As you are aware: Inspiration = Motivation = Action. Yet, if you look at it a little further, It’s a loop! –  Inspiration = Motivation = Action = Inspiration. Do you see that?
With a little reorientation of the loop, we believe the simple principle of “Do Something” puts you behind the wheel, it gives you the control to get the work done on your own accord with no external input (inspiration) required.

After all, a loop, well, it loops! Don’t wait to become inspired or motivated because you could be waiting for a long time. Just do something! Anything. The sequence will continue and progress will follow.
“Do or do not…there is no try” -Ancient Jedi Proverb

For only $44 a week with a six-week commitment, you too can master the Art of Doing Nothing 🙂

More membership info coming soon!
We can’t wait to see you soon! Please reach out if you have any additional questions! We are happy to help!