We are VERY excited to welcome back to our walls the wonderful art of Shawnee Dae! 

Shawnee grew up in the Sandhill’s of Nebraska. The Sandhill’s are a quiet place with some of the least light pollution in the state.  Shawnee describes it as one of the darkest places on Earth. Through that darkness shines an extremely bright night sky, vibrant and glowing.  She used to watch the sky with her dad, alone in the swaying fields. He’d show her different constellations and they’d look up in awe at the beauty. They had talks of God, Aliens, UFOs and everything possible out there in the universe.

This series, “Tones of Home”, represents all those things.  Home, the light, the dark, the night, the awesome vibes. Come in all January to see the awesome artwork of Shawnee Dae! Also check out her Instagram!