Whether you were in here last night or last month, we miss you and TANK you! Yes, TANK you very much! Here at Lost in Float we are doing or own floaty version of Thanksgiving for our beloved members.

So, this TANKSgiving (beginning TODAY Nov 16th) If you bring someone in with you to float that has never floated before, they can Float for FREE! And you Dear Member shall receive a little something special when you arrive!

I’m sure you have all received the goofy looks and have been judged by the blank faces of bewilderment in your noble quest to explain what it is you do while sneaking off to Lost in Float. “Sensory who…., Float what… Don’t you own a bathtub, Jim!?” We have all felt the look of quackery and the heard the pfffs.

We just want to do our part in helping you look like less of the ‘crazy relative at the dining table’ this Holiday season by providing you a companion to combat those blank faces of bewilderment.

So please do yourself and your friends a favor and come in for some TANKyou’s from Lost in Float to you and yours.

***One friend at a time***

📞 ‭(531) 289-7739‬