To articulate visual expressions from the minds journey to the void (and back)

How the Lost in Float Artist Program Was Done –
In 2017, we worked with 24 local artists to inspire creativity using Floating Therapy (aka, Sensory Deprivation, R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) and the results were breath taking. Every artist that participated in Lost in Float’s 2017 Artist Program was given three 60-minute Float sessions and asked to visually describe their own visceral journey through a piece of art.

Where can you view the Art? Did you miss it?                                                                                                   Together with the ArtReach Project, Lost in Float will showcase some of the results from the artist minds journey into the nothingness of floating. Simply stated, we used the Float environment to shut out and/or restrict environmental stimuli, through this process the individual becomes more aware of those things that are still available to them. In this case, after we have shut out light, sound, tactile sensations, gravity, other people, and movement, what is left is the Self and its visual interpretation of the experience.

The art will be there thru Feb, so you can still stop by at the Gateway Mall and check out the amazing works of your local Lincoln artists. (It’s located right by the JCPenney entrance on the inside. 24 other artist have work hanging too).

Gratitude!                                                                                                                                Huge thanks to everyone who participated in this years Art Program, The ArtReach Program for showcasing these amazing works and those who supported/ stopped in to view the opening of the showing Jan 27, 2018.