Brace yourself for some unsolicited advice! 🙊🙉🙈

Don’t leave your well-being and humanity in the hands of charismatic leaders and their institutions.

Fear manifests as anger and anger leads to division in the hands of charismatic leaders and institutions, who then use that anger and fear to manufacture “truths” that maximize controversy and a since of immediate crisis that only THEY can save us from.

They wield these “truth” tools with such ease and efficacy because they’re aware hundreds of thousands of people are screaming into an abyss asking for anybody, anybody to make sense of all the nonsense for them.

But we don’t need these charismatic leaders to sow division. We believe (as cheesy and cliché as it sounds) that love, compassion, and empathy is the way out from this vicious downward spiral of division.

We must become and remain humble enough to know just how little we know; how wrong we have been and will be in many of our beliefs and ideas.

We believe dogmatic certainty and division is more destructive than any opposing tribe or virus.

The solution for us her at Lost in Float is to choose empathy and compassion toward all human beings no matter their tribe and we hope that you’ll do the same.

By implementing a critical way of thinking – Beginning with Logic, developing Reason, and aspiring for Truth we are on a constant journey of not trying to be “right” but to be less wrong. We are constantly asking ourselves (as Socrates would advise) “what methods (reasons) did we use to land on our current conclusion” and them immediately throwing that right back into the critical thinking machine, basically, rinsing and repeating.

We believe this mindset is one that opens you up to: discovery, innovation and wisdom. That these methods of Love, empathy, compassion, critical thinking & healthy skepticism will help you better make sense of the nonsense for yourself.

Party on Wayne!