If you’re willing to take 4 hours out of your week to volunteer for a worthy cause, we think you deserve a float!

4 HOURS  +  NON-PROFIT  =  60 MIN FLOAT                                      



The Bay
Website: www.thebay.org
Volunteer Landing Page: https://www.thebay.org/lincoln/?page_id=1198

The Bay is an international organization headquartered in Lincoln NE. The BAY is known for taking an innovative approach to creating healthy communities around the world which are focused on alternative recreation, fighting poverty and homelessness, and preventing sex-trafficking through the avenues of street outreach, skate, art, and music.

Types of work:
Skatepark, Mentoring, Community Service Hours, Food Distribution, Facilities, Music Venue, BAY Events

The Orchard
Website: http://wellbeinginitiatives.org/1816-2/
Volunteer Landing Page: http://wellbeinginitiatives.org/volunteer/

The Orchard connects individuals with mental health challenges to a community that empowers recovery.

Types of work:
Being a volunteer at the Orchard means using the expertise you have gained through your own challenges and experience with mental health to walk alongside others who long to know they are not alone. Together you can explore recovery, fight stigma, and impact mental health services in a positive way. An Orchard volunteer is dedicated to their recovery, excited to share their journey and learn from their peers, and will protect every member’s right to be the expert in their own recovery.

The Bike Kitchen
Website: http://www.lincolnbikekitchen.org/
Volunteering Contact Info: Simply show up during open shop hours. They can put all levels of ability to work.
OPEN: Monday 5-9 p.m., and Sunday 12-4 p.m.

They’re an all-volunteer nonprofit bike cooperative supported by donations (bikes, parts, monetary) and their mission is to provide – at no cost – bikes, repairs and education to all.

The ArtReach Program
Website: http://artreachproject.org/
Volunteer Landing Page: http://artreachproject.org/index.php/about/volunteer

The ArtReach Project is a people powered and idea driven nonprofit organization. Not your typical art studio, our mission is to create not only art, but artists who make a difference. We believe in the capability of creativity to leave a positive impact in the culture while functioning as an outreach into the community.

  • Our goal is to give back to the community through art education, community outreach, creative events and collaborative projects.
  • We do this through our interactive Creative Space and Creative Cafe´located at Gateway Mall in the heart of Lincoln, Ne.

The ArtReach Project places a high value on community and is therefore volunteer run and donation driven. Our goal is to help individuals use the creative arts to find and establish their own voice while simultaneously being a part of and giving back to the community.

Website: https://teammates.org/
Mentor Landing Page: https://lincolnteammates.org/become-a-mentor/

School-Based, One-to-One Mentoring Program founded by Tom and Nancy Osborne that serves over 7,000 youth throughout NE, IA, and CA.

Types of Work:
The program matches a student with an adult volunteer mentor to provide one hour of individual mentoring each week during the school year. Activities during the mentoring hour range from homework assignments to sharing common interests to simply engaging in conversation. No matter how they choose to spend their time, matches in the TeamMates Mentoring Program of Lincoln continue to carry on the tradition of success set over 25 years ago.

Friends of TeamMates Landing Page: https://lincolnteammates.org/for-donors/friends/

Being a mentor isn’t the only way to volunteer with TeamMates. Become a part of the core group of volunteers who are “Friends of TeamMates!” Friends of TeamMates volunteer their time in a variety of ways, including: helping with paperwork or projects in the TeamMates office, assisting TeamMates Facilitators at the schools, serving as a volunteer recruiter for new mentors, working at TeamMates signature events.

Habitat for Humanity (Lincoln)
Website: http://lincolnhabitat.org/
Volunteer Landing Page: http://lincolnhabitat.org/get-involved/volunteer/cervis.html

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln is a non-profit organization offering dignity and hope to families by working to provide decent, affordable homes.

Types of work:
Construction Volunteer (No previous construction skills are required), ReStore Volunteer (customer service, clean donated materials, stock shelves, load and unload materials from vehicles, and ride along with our drivers to pick up donations), Special Events &  Fundraisers (ex:Good Life Halfsy)

Live Yes Studios
Website: https://www.rhd.org/program/live-yes-studio/
Volunteer Contact Info: Natasha Scholz
Email: natasha.scholz@rhd.org
Phone: (402) 904-4216 Leave voicemail if necessary

Through the arts the artists learn life skills to better enrich their lives and fulfil their potential. They seek to break down societal barriers and celebrate the unique abilities each person brings to this open and creative environment. No vision is too broad at Live Yes Studios, but they seek to attain goals one piece at a time. These pieces build until there is finished product, a painting, a sculpture, a song.

Types of Work:
Teaching, creating, and exploring the arts in various mediums including but not limited to music, painting, ceramics, writing, meditation, and gardening.


We’re looking to make this as smooth of a process for everyone involved. With that said, there has to be rules…

  • Volunteers must abide by each organization’s codes of conduct.
  • 4 hours of volunteering earns 1 float.
  • Volunteers can earn up 2 free floats a month (feel free to volunteer more if you’d like, but you’ll only earn a max of 2 floats).
  • Volunteers can share their earned floats with whoever they would like.
  • Floats do not expire.
  • Volunteers hours must be verified, either through contact with each organizations’ volunteer coordinators, or through volunteers providing proof (such as a photograph of volunteer site, or written confirmation from one of the volunteer coordinators)

Volunteers can be removed from the program for any reason including:

  • Not abiding by Lost in Floats expectations of good conduct
  • Not abiding by the Volunteer Organizations’ expectations of good conduct
  • Missing scheduled floats without 12 hours notice (you’ll also lose your float)!



One thing we’ve always believed at Lost in Float is that if someone really wants to come in and float with us, they should be able to do it even if they can’t afford our prices. But we can’t just go giving away free floats to everyone willy nilly.


We asked our team to come up with a list of their favorite non-profit organizations where people in the Lincoln area can volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering at one of these organizations, contact them through the info provided above, and let them know you are with the Lost in Float Volunteer program.
Each time you volunteer 4 hours of work for one of these organizations, fill out the Hour Tracking Form above. We will then verify your hours with your volunteer coordinator and put a free 60-minute float credit on your account. You’ll receive an email notification when we have added the credit to your account, you can then call into the shop or log into your Lost in Float account and schedule your session.


For starters, we’re partnering with local 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that we personally support and believe do quality work in our lovely community. We’re always looking for new organizations to partner with. If you’re looking for an increase of wonderful, floaty volunteers, we will soon let you know how to be a part of our program. In the meantime, the above organizations will confirm your time with us in order to provide you with a float.

Would you like us to partner with your organization?

Obviously, we can’t accept everyone, but we do hold monthly team meetings and are always looking to build fun, new partnerships. Please send inquiries to support@lostinfloat.com