When was the last time you experienced nothing? How about total relaxation or just 60 minutes to yourself without the stress of your job, looming household chores, or the nagging reminder of all those aches and pains?

Even though there are a plethora of proposed and scientifically studied benefits to floating, float tanks, and sensory deprivation, it is beneficial to expect nothing and to remove all expectations.


You are an individual with your own unique thoughts, goals, challenges, and character. This will produce a different experience for you verse another. In fact, it will likely be a different experience for you each time. Floating is a practice, the more often the float tank is used, the stronger the effects become, the longer they last and the more efficient the person gets at attaining the benefits every single time they float.

Our friends at Float On summed it up perfectly, “A float tank is not as much an object as it is an environment. An environment whose purpose is to act as a counterbalance to every other interaction we have with the world around us. It is the pursuit of a pure nothingness. A place of rest. It is an environment that allows our bodies and our minds to sink away from the society that has been built around us, and to instead turn focus internally. A chance to check in with ourselves, uninhibited and unadulterated by the external forces that are otherwise omnipresent. There is no magic in the float tank, the magic is us. Our bodies have spent millions of years learning how to take care of themselves, and the float tank simply provides the optimum environment with which to do it.”

You just get to lie there in a super saturated salt solution that is heated to the same temperature as your skin. After just a few minutes it becomes hard to distinguish where your body ends and the water and air begin. While floating, your ears are just below the surface of the water, with or without earplugs in, almost all sound is eliminated. During your float session you are in full control of the lid and the light. With the door closed and the light turned off, it is completely dark, further minimizing sensory input. However, you can also leave the lid open, the lights on, or play music to customize your experience.

Let us help you get lost in nothing, you never know what you will find.