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To ensure you are able to get the time slot you desire, try to book your appointment as early in advance as possible.


Get the most from your float:

  • Expect nothing– every float will be different – just relax and do nothing!
  • Avoid consuming caffeine – you want to in a peaceful, calm, and relaxed state of mind
  • Eat a light meal a few hours before floating – you don’t want to be overly full with food in your stomach, nor do you want to have hunger causing a distraction. A light meal a few hours ahead of time will put you in the sweet spot!
  • Avoid shaving before your appointment – freshly shaven skin can become irritated by the epsom salt for some people. It is best to avoid shaving the day of your appointment.
  • Give yourself plenty of time prior to and after your appointment – even though you can resume your daily activities immediately after your float, we recommend enjoying your post float experience and take some time to relax before diving back into the daily grind
  • Floating is a Journey (and a Practice). It gets better with time. Seriously Consider Committing to at Least Three Floats to see what floating is truly about. As with any practice or modality you choose for wellness (yoga, lifting weights, meditation, etc) One float will likely not be enough to garner the full experience and benefits of floating. Don’t get us wrong – many have a great first float; however,  during the first float your brain is confused by the lack of signals from the central nervous system and trying to get get used to the new environment.  It starts creating its own input and you can feel a little restless or not able to shut your mind off. But when you buy a three series, we encourage you to come back once a week or once every other week and see the change from the first to the third float. Just like everything else in life, it is a beautiful process that unfolds and goes deeper with each float. Using some of the tips above will help you have the best float possible! We hope you love it as much as we do!



  • Show up 15 minutes before your float appointment to check-in and ask us any questions you may have
  • Put in your earplugs if you choose to use them.
  • Take the best shower of your life and then step into the float tank.
  • Music will play and a soft light will fill the tank for the first 5 minutes of your float
  • The music will slowly fade away leaving you with 60 minutes of uninterrupted bliss.
  •  Music will fade back in and ease you out of your float.
  • Take a quick post-float shower to rinse off all the Epsom salt from your body – don’t forget your ears!
  • Please try to vacate the room within 10 minutes of your float, as we need to prepare the room for the next person. You may use our vanity area to blow dry hair,  apply makeup etc. 
  • Get dressed and ready to head back into the real world feeling rejuvenated and at your best.
  • Join us in the post float lounge to relax, reflect and enjoy some purified water or herbal tea after your float. 
  • Enjoy your post-float afterglow for days to come!

After floating, enjoy one of our refreshments and relax in the post float lounge before you go.