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To ensure you are able to get the time slot you desire, try to book your appointment as early in advance as possible.




  • Show up  10 minutes before your sauna appointment to sign your waiver, check-in and ask us any questions you may have.
  • Be aware that not every sauna experience is the same. There is certainly a place for milder/longer sauna sessions. And above all, listen to the feedback your body is giving you.
  • Bring a Towel (or TWO). While we have extra towels for purchase we would recommend bringing your own. You must sit on a towel in the sauna and you might also like one for a shower when you are finished. 
  • Proper attire is a must in the COED sauna session.  
  • We provide lockers and a shower in both locker/restrooms.
  • Bring a Buddy. It’s surprising how much of a difference this can make. The distraction of conversation is one of the best benefits of a sauna buddy since it often leads to completing your full session time, which leads to greater health benefits (win-win).
  • Hydrate! It is important to drink a lot of water in the hours leading up to sauna as well as after your session. This gives your body time to thoroughly hydrate. Drinking water during the sauna session isn’t nearly as effective as pre-hydrating. 
  • Eat a moderately sized, fairly easy to digest, meal at least two hours ahead of time. When your body digests food, blood is sent to the abdominal area. But when you sauna, blood is sent to the skin. If you eat a giant meal before using the sauna, your body will feel terrible because it’s fighting itself by sending blood in opposite directions. That being said, it’s also important not to go to sauna hungry, which can result in light-headedness or nausea.
  • Brush your teeth and take a shower, unless you plan on rinsing off just before you head into your sauna session.
  • Check with your doctor to see if you have a medical condition that would prevent you from saunaing.