Links to media and research around PTSD, anxiety, pain, and floating.

Float Therapy Helping Veteran’s with PTSD

Cody said, “I felt like no one really had any answers for me. I was diagnosed with PTSD and here recently I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD.”

“I came in here and I did my first float and it was very amazing to me. I was able to put in line 3 years’ worth of stuff that was trapped in my head in pretty much an hour session.”

Pay Attention: How sensory deprivation and floating impact the mind

Feinstein monitored Dickerson’s vitals next door. His heart rate dropped by 20 beats per minute and his blood pressure dropped more than 20 points. Dickerson was not asleep but powered down to just a flicker.

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Bek and Michael describe how they came across floatation in their search for alternative treatments, and the profound impact it’s had on both of their lives.

Gary Ferguson is the founder of Pathways for Veterans, an organization focused on helping veterans get help putting their life on track after returning from service. Pathways has started to incorporate float tanks into the tools his organization uses.

Gary speaks at the 2016 Float Conference about his introduction into the float industry, and the impact the float tanks and the people in the industry have had on his life.