We challenge the way you revitalize your body and mind:

by providing a collaborative explosion of healing, recovery, relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness fueled by 4 float tanks, cryotherapy, and a couple’s desire to help and inspire others.

Its benefits accentuate whom we are and what we love to do. We aspire for a healthy creative life(style).

A place where: work, life, and inspiration coexist organically.

We are as concerned about the happiness and healthiness of our community both local and globally as we are to providing a great floating experience. Business has the responsibility to give back to the community.

Our float family loves giving back to the community by offering a affordable rates, great customer service, and working with local charities to provide needed items. 

Our goal is to make this opportunity possible for everyone to reap its benefits.

A business that promotes honesty, community, and optimization: all of these existing simultaneously with solution and products that make life more enjoyable and fun.

An hour to yourself combined with the amazing benefits of floating can ease hectic lifestyles, speed recovery from injury, reduce stress and other health conditions.

Our mission is to bring great health and ideas to life and help others do the same.