Welcome to Lincoln’s premier Mind and Body Spa, come in for the experience and leave a better you! We are passionate about providing a laid back and judgment free environment for you to take yourself from non-functional to functional and from functional to optimal. As Lincolns first Float & Crythotherapy center we have been floating and freezing the beautiful people of Lincoln since 2016. Since then, we have expanded to offer Yoga classes within our new “IN” Studio as well as a large Traditional Finish Sauna for you to expedite recovery. We’re all human, trying to get a little better at what we do and love. At Lost in Float you will find the tools, support and exceptional customer service to aid you in your quest for a better you!

  • Lincoln’s only float center
  • Free Sauna with membership
  • Discounts on Cryo with membership
  • Float lounge with water/tea available 
  • Float longer on us, if no one is scheduled after you
  • Expert float coordinators to help answer any questions you have
  • Enjoy small class sizes
  • Variety of classes and times
  • Free sauna with membership
  • Discounts on Floating & Cryotherapy
  • Locker room/ Shower available
  • Experienced teachers 
  • Beginner to advanced classes
  • We provide slippers, gloves, & robe 
  • No appointments necessary
  • FREE for Members
  • No appointments needed