Temporary Closure

Lost in Float is Temporarily Closed

We’re sorry to announce that we’ll be closing our doors for now. The plan is to open as soon as possible, however, we’re taking things one day at a time.

This was an incredibly hard decision for us, and we’ve struggled for the last couple days to figure out how we can logistically continue to offer floats during this time. We really wanted to be able to continue offering services throughout all of this without any interruption, and we know that for some of you this is part of your personal care for managing stress, anxiety, and pain – it certainly is for us.

Ultimately, we’ve decided that socially, the most responsible thing for us to do is to temporarily close. We’re dedicated to doing our part in battling the coronavirus pandemic and eliminating any interactions that could happen as a result of coming to our shop.Our decision is based around doing our part during this crisis to eliminate all risk at our facility, for our staff and our customers. After hours of conversations with our team, and a lot of soul-searching, we’ve decided that the only real way to do that is through a temporary closure.

As with everyone, we hope that this will be over soon, and we wish all of you continued health and safety.

The Lost in Float Crew