Are you tired of having itchy, bumpy skin yet?


A friend of ours shared this natural recipe with us and it’s been working beautifully and wanted to share it with you. Bonus: it contains one of our beloved ingredients, EPSOM SALT!

The following slightly minty smelling and organic mixture can be sprayed throughout the yard to repel the flying non-friends. The spray is very easy to make (dissolving the salt will probably take the longest). A little separation is completely normal. Just shake the bottle before spraying. You can also dilute essential oils that mosquitoes don’t like in the mixture.

  1. cedarwood
  2. cinnamon
  3. citronella
  4. lemon eucalyptus
  5. lavender
  6. lemongrass
  7. peppermint
  8. sweet orange (+ other citrus essential oils like lemon & grapefruit)
  9. spearmint
  10. tea tree

We’ve heard, one spraying can last for about two and a half months before needing to be sprayed again. This concoction has been used successfully for years and we were happy with the results! We hope it works for you as well.

How to make DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent



  • 2 cups mint-flavored MOUTHWASH (We used Listerine)
  • 2 cups EPSOM SALT  (Bonus: you get a free 2 lb bag of Epsom Salt with your First Float as our gift to you)
  • 2 cups BEER (We used Zipline)


  1. Place all the ingredients together in the large bowl and then mix with the spoon until the Epsom salt is dissolved.
  2. Use the funnel to pour the solution into the spray bottles.
  3. Spray all around the yard, especially anywhere you plan to be outside.


If you let the Epsom salt dissolve completely it will displace some of the volume (roughly 15% less volume). We recommend letting the Epsom salt dissolve completely so that it sprays out evenly.

We found that it is easier to handle the smaller 24-ounce bottles of solution instead of handling the larger (heavier) bottle.


This solution should not harm your yard or our friendly flyers (bees). In fact, some gardeners say the Epsom salt helps the grass grow greener (take caution when spraying on flowering plants) Mosquitoes should stay away for about two and a half months. That’s almost a whole summer!

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