Lost in Float Monthly Artist Spotlight – Claire Briney

Claire Briney is a local mixed-media artist hailing from Lincoln, Ne. She graduated from the University at Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) with a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in studio art, and a minor in biology. Her preferred mediums are both traditional and digital illustration, as well as ceramic paintings and fired arts.

Claire works to explore the beauty of the natural world in her artwork, and to bridge the gap between creativity and scientific analysis. Some of her favorite work has been developing creative curriculum that assists children in exploring and understanding the environment around them.

Claire is excited to be a part of the Lost in Float Artist Program. She is fascinated by the neurological aspects of floating, as well as the mindfulness benefits that it brings to her life. She finds that floating causes a wellspring of creativity, and it has inspired many pieces that explore the environment inside oneself as well as out.

This series of ceramic canvases displayed at Lost in Float is directly inspired by visions that the artist has seen in the float tank. Come on in to check out this AWESOMENESS!

If you would like to purchase a piece, or request a commission from Claire, please contact her here:
cbrine@yahoo.com / (402)-525-8902